Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Stuart Powers has soft closed his heart and mind

And these children that you spit on, as they try to change their worlds, are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through. - David Bowie

It's a real shame, but unless you already have access to Stuart's heart and mind you won't be able to get into him with any burning love or new ideas. 'Why, Mikey, why?!' / What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some lads you just can't reach. So you get this soft closing. Which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don't like it any more than you, Voice.

This Stuart Powers character is behind Hengistbury Investment Partners. Yes, it's yet another new hedge fund. Christ! / Stu has got his hands on $750 million. 'Eh?! $750 million?!' It's all right for some, ain't it? That's a lot of pocket money!

He used to work at a fund with a load of children. (I've forgotten the name of it.) I think he was only five or six years old himself. However, he's all grown up(?) now. All grown up(?) with his own hedge fund! These teenagers, eh? / I hope it all goes well for him. And I hope he can stick with this Hengistbury stuff for more than a couple of months. I mean, he'll probably lose interest in it at some point. He'll want to get a drum kit or something. Which I won't have a problem with by the way. I'll even audition him for my band if he's serious. 'A big "IF", man, a very big "IF". Will he be serious?' I don't know, Voice. Let's see how things develop.


Well, I'm serious, about my music. I ain't a kid no more. / I might go out after lunch, or stay in and play my guitar - and make love with my ego like a leper messiah. It all depends on the weather. It was pretty horrible yesterday.

I reckon this blog is stopping me writing loads of songs. I just want a good five-year run on songs like I've had on blog posts.