Sunday, 7 April 2013

After months of sweating blood on just one song ...

I've finally made a decent recording of the blasted thing. My Heart, that is. And I got it in the second take! (Remember I recorded the song around four hundred times at Christmas.) The relief I have is unbelievable. It's a total high. / Only two takes! I suppose it's because my playing and singing have improved over the last couple of months. But I also have to thank Jackson Browne. 'What, Mikey?!' Yeah, Voice, Jackson. I've been listening to his classic songs all afternoon, like Rock Me On The Water, Late For The Sky, Jamaica Say You Will, and These Days. They put me in a mellow, relaxed mood. / Late For The Sky was used in Taxi Driver - you know, where De Niro is pointing his Magnum at the dancers on the television. Great song, great scene. 'Magnum ice cream? I haven't seen the film, but it sounds ridiculous.' Shut up, Voice, you idiot.

I probably won't post tomorrow. I feel like going out and celebrating. / That's two songs for my demo now, written and recorded. I'm not using Gilly Marie, so I need one more - a super-commercial one, if I can possibly manage it.

Is there any financial news? Who gives a shit, honestly? / I'm really up for the next song. I said ages ago: if you can write three great songs, you can write fifty. It's only a matter of desire and will after you've proved (to yourself) that you can do it.

Also, I was reading the notes on Led Zeppelin's Mothership album last night. Something about this is what NO FEAR sounds like. That's important, having no fear.

Just listening to the recording at the moment. The rhythm has changed a bit. But that's all right. I think Neil Young said that songs are like wild animals. Well, he was right. Songs do what they want to do. It's very difficult to control them.

Oh, there ain't no financial news. It's Sunday, man. Give me a break. I'll be back on Tuesday. God knows how many new hedge funds will have been launched by then!

Update (Monday): I'm just like the Karate Kid!!! 'What?!' Wax on, wax off, all that. / I've recorded another version of My Heart, and it's better than Sunday's version. And I got it straight away, no fuss. 'And where does the Karate Kid come into it, Mikey?' My guitar practice has paid off, Voice. Just like that silly kid waxing all the cars. 'Whatever.' You're not into movies much, are you?