Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Jupiter's Merlin team hates equities

I don't know what's going on. I don't even know what this Merlin team is. It sounds ridiculous, anyway. Who gives a shit about Merlin? The guy is overrated. He's had his day, and that was fucking centuries ago. / It will come as no surprise to anyone that John Chatfeild-Roberts is leading the team. Jesus Christ! Who is he? / Anyway, it's a multi-manager thing, this Merlin nonsense; and even though the team hates equities it is increasing its exposure to them because of inflation or something. Equities are better than bonds.

I'd say they're right about inflation, the team. Yeah. / I mean, it is much higher than the "authorities" will have you believe. Whoever the "authorities" are. / Er ... 'The government, Mikey?' What? Er, yes, I suppose, Voice. Uh ... I don't know what's going on, who's involved. Ha! I'm in the dark, you know? And that's the way I like it, actually. Once you start knowing stuff you can become boring, like those twats. 'What twats?' That blog. 'Oh yeah. The wankers. Slags.' I can't even read that shit any more, man. Life's too short. 'All you -' All I want to do, Voice, is play my guitar. 'Yeah.' That's the future for me, rock and roll. I'm sick of all the crap. 'You're up to your neck in burning love, man.' The burning love is all right. I ain't got a problem with the burning love. It's just the mundane finance rubbish that is getting me down.

It should be the Michael Fowke team. Now that would be classy. Named after the greatest financial shaman the world has ever known. / Fuck Merlin! He's a ponce.


I played my guitar for three hours yesterday. / I'm gutted I didn't buy this Yamaha acoustic a couple of years ago. I considered it, but decided to go with the cheap Argos piece of shit instead. / I guess I wasn't sure about my "comeback". Though I was never "there" all that much. 'Eh? What? Where, Mikey?' Forget it. Never mind.

It's a nice sunny day. I might go out after lunch. / Cheese and onion, today. The sandwich. But no crisps.

I'm listening to a new 90s compilation, seriously. There are some very good songs on it. Music has only become "dodgy" in the last six or seven years. The lovely Amy Winehouse's Back To Black album was the last great moment. Just my personal view, of course.

Right, laters.