Monday, 22 April 2013

I've discovered a cure for migraine

Normally when I get a migraine I take a couple of Anadin Extra(s?) and carry on with my day. The problem is though, the pills often don't work. I have to take more of them a few hours later, and then I start to feel even worse. The pain can last for a couple of days. However, if I take the pills just before going to sleep at night I wake up in the morning with a clear head. / Well, this morning (around seven) I woke up with a migraine that felt like a goddamn brain tumour. So what did I do? 'What did you do, Mikey?' I took two Anadin and went back to sleep for an hour and a half. 'Yeah?' Oh yeah. And when I woke up, the migraine was gone. 'Wow!' So that's the cure. 'Brilliant!' Take painkillers and then go to sleep straight away for a couple of hours - at any time of the day. 'You don't have to wait until bedtime, man?' No, Voice. Sleep and pills, any time of the day. It works for me.


That's it for today. / Hedge funds? Banks? Oh, tomorrow! And tomorrow, and tomorrow.

I'm going to play my guitar for the rest of the day. Man, I love my new guitar. It has such a beautiful sound and feel, and I haven't even put the good strings on yet.

Twenty years ago I bought an Aria acoustic for £300. (Probably five to six hundred now.) This Yamaha cost me £120, and I think it's a better guitar.

By the way, I've put the finishing touches to last week's new tune. I just need lyrics for it now.

I'm motivated like a motherfucker at the moment, excuse my French. [I'm sure Miles Davis spoke like that.]