Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What's this HSBC "demising" crap?

Is HSBC sacking people or what? Demising? What the fuck is that?! 'Mikey, the bank is letting hundreds of people go. Hundreds!' Go where, Voice? 'Nowhere in particular, man. Just ...' / This is strange. Demise? I've never heard of anyone being demised before. I've heard of people being disappeared. 'Is it as bad as that?' Let's hope not.

The person at HSBC who thought of this should be demised. 'That would be something to see!' It's bound to be someone in HR. I'll do it myself. 'Apparently, a lot of HSBC's employees are going to be "impacted" as well.' Impacted?! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! 'Calm down, Mikey.' Voice, it's the evil that men do. That's what this is. And women, too. I'm disgusted!


Thank God I've got a nice cheese sandwich for lunch. It'll help me put those demonic HSBC human resources goons out of my mind. Crisps, yoghurt, and a can of Coke.

I'll be working on a conceptual later, No. 115, and squeezing in some guitar practice when I can.

I still need one more lyric, then I'll change my life - for good. I'm in a state of certainty. You better believe it, baby.

I've decided the tune I wrote last week is the best I've ever done. The verses and chorus and bridge are very melodic and fit together perfectly. And it's the first bridge I've ever composed, by the way. / The songs I wrote when I was a kid had crazy structures, but no bridges. I'm not actually a big fan of them, bridges, but the bridge works well in this song.

I'm listening to R.E.M. / Losing My Religion shows what you can achieve with one great song. As they say in their Best Of album notes, it took them from cult band to one of the biggest bands in the world.

Laters, blog fan(s).