Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Enrique Chang is joining Janus Capital!

Yeah, later on in the year, September. / Mr Chang is going to be chief investment officer of equities and asset allocation. 'Brilliant!' He'll be working with loads of shamans and mystics, which I think will be very good for him. Enrique is actually an interesting character. Half Spanish, half Chinese. He's fascinated by mystical capitalism. Doesn't really know too much about it yet, but that will change. 'Obviously.' He's jumping in at the deep end with Janus. It goes without saying that - 'You wish him all the best, Mikey.' Yes.

Chief executive Richard Weil says - 'I'm in heaven when you smile?' No, Voice. Mr Weil says: "Enrique has a proven track record of working collaboratively with investment teams to ensure that portfolio solutions are anticipating clients' needs." Great, eh? 'Yeah, brilliant!' No mention of financial shamanism and the training Mr Chang will be undergoing, but never mind. Richie doesn't really talk about the mystical stuff too much. There are a lot of squares around who still don't understand. 'Fuck 'em, man.' I couldn't agree more, Voice.


I'm listening RIGHT NOW to The Notorious B.I.G. Cool! / I Love The Dough is a great song. I've got it on repeat.

I've been listening to the recording of My Heart. It's a bit rough, but I can't do better at the moment. I wish I could play the guitar like Prince. In fact, I wish I hadn't abandoned music twenty years ago. What was I thinking of?

I deleted all the music (by mistake) from my media player last week. So I'm putting all the albums on again.

In the last fifteen years, rap music is the only form that has advanced. Rock/pop is mostly dead, which presents an opportunity for me, seeing as I'm determined to be a great songwriter.

I love the dough, more than you know.

Update (8.00pm): I've recorded another version of My Heart. 'Number five hundred?' And I'm sticking with this one, even though it was an accident. Instead of a rather boring dirge, it is now a nice bouncy pop song. Don't ask. Just be grateful I won't be writing about it any more.