Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Yip Ka-hay is in a bright stream ... of capital management

Or something like that. Oh. / He has this Bright Stream hedge fund, I suppose. In Hong Kong, no doubt, like a mild-mannered janitor, with $25 million of his own money. Yes, his own money! We really should take our hats off to Yip for using his own money. Too many of these hedge fund managers sponge off other people. It's disgraceful. / I don't think it has been launched yet. We'll have to wait until July, yes. Well, I don't mind. I don't mind waiting. Some things are worth waiting for. And some aren't, obviously. / Unfortunately, Bright Stream is a macro thing. Never mind. We won't hold it against Yip. / Bright Stream will be trading currencies, interest-rate securities, and equity indices. Oh, that sounds all right, don't it? / At some point, Yip will be getting his hands on other people's money. Yeah. He's hoping for $300 million! Ha! We can all hope, son. But I wish you the best of luck, Yip, if you're reading this. / Billy Fong's mixed up in it, of course. Those two are inseparable!

Yip's been away for four years. 'What?!' God knows what he's been doing since leaving SAC Capital Advisors in 2009. Er ... it's possible he's been managing his own investments. I mean, he looks the type. I haven't actually seen him. But if I could see him ... he would look the type, I'm pretty sure of that. Yes.


It's all right for some. I wish I could get away for four years. I'm stuck here, with this. / One day, I'll get away, for good.

I played my new guitar for four hours yesterday. So ... I got away for four hours. It's amazing how much progress you can make in such a short space of time. / I may have to use my old guitar for recording though because it's louder. But I haven't put the Martin strings on the Yamaha yet. That might improve things.


No, Yip wasn't away, not if he was managing his own investments. / Christ! What's wrong with these people?

I probably won't go to Cornwall this year. (Money is tight. We can't all be like Yip.) I might take a week off for some intense guitar shit. I don't know. / I only need one more song for my demo.

Please bear in mind, when these three songs are finally finished they'll be the sort of songs most songwriters would be lucky to get in their whole careers. I ain't fucking around. You know me, dear reader(s). I don't fuck around, do I?

Well, a-ROUND, but ... you know what I mean.

I've got a cheese sandwich again. / Laters.