Monday, 13 May 2013

Jixin Dai has got his Tian Fund Management thing going on in Hong Kong!!!

Nearly. Nearly going on. / Or he could be Dai Jixin. Some people seem confused. (Not me! Or I.) I don't care either way. But there was no need for the exclamation marks. / Anyway, Dai is an interesting character. Actually, half Welsh/half Chinese!!! (Amazing!) There's a large Welsh community in Hong Kong, a bit like Argentina. (You learn something new every day.) This Tian hedge fund thing hasn't launched yet, but it has a name, obviously, which is always a good sign. And it has some staff besides Jixin, so it's not a fantasy fund. Ye Qingjun and Zhang Yongjun are directors. God knows what they'll be doing at the firm, but I'm sure they'll make themselves useful.

There's not much more I can tell you, dear reader(s). I mean, how am I supposed to know what's happening in Hong Kong? It's a million miles away. 'You're the WORLD's foremost financial shaman, Mikey. Get a grip!' Who said you could use capitals, Voice, eh? I'm in charge of formatting/style, man. You're not my intern, you know. 'I thought I was.' Why? 'You don't pay me.' Don't start all that again. I'm not rolling in money. I can't afford to pay you.

You can't get the staff these days. Even if I wanted them, I wouldn't be able to get them. These are austere times. 


Music? Well, slow progress. What do you want from me, man? Good things take time. I need more time, okay?

I'm thinking: if my songwriting takes off the way I expect it to, the fame from that activity will spread to this blog. / Ha! It'll be really funny if, one day, Money is the way becomes the biggest financial blog in the world, even when I've stopped writing it.