Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Warren Buffett says US stocks will get higher, and higher ... and higher!

My dear friend, Mr Buffett, or "Warren" to his enemies, says US stocks will eventually get so high that ... 'Yeah?' ... they'll touch the sun! This is what I'm talking about! 'What, Mikey?' A positive attitude, Voice. / Will Mr Buffett ever retire? There's no need for him to retire, not while he's got his finger on the pulse like this. He says in our lifetime(s) ... 'Anything is possible?' ... No, he says we'll see higher stock numbers. 'He doesn't say when?' No. So what? Life is long. Are any of us in a rush? 'We don't even live in America, man.' Some of my readers do, Voice. Show some consideration, please.

Oh, it makes no difference to me. Why am I getting so excited? I don't even - 'You don't even live in America, Mikey.' Ha! I know. I live in England, well, sort of. 'Either you do or you don't.' I'm talking about the living part, not the location. 'Eh?' I ... I just want to feel something, some excitement, yeah? 'The sun is shining.' But I can't go out. So there's no chance of my touching it, the sun, or it touching me. 'What a shame!' It is, Voice. It is a shame. / And I've still got a perforated ear drum. And tinnitus. No one knows the troubles I've heard. 'Stay positive, man.' I'm trying to. It ain't easy.

Bonds are a terrible investment. 'Oh dear.' That's Mr Buffett, again. 'The man's an expert.' Of course he is. / I'm just glad I'm not investing in bonds. In fact, I'm glad I'm not investing in anything. 'But you're an investor in voices, Mikey.' One voice. One voice is enough. I remember - "O Master". Whatever happened to him? 'He died. I took his place.' And who will take your place?

And who will take my place? No one. / The work is done, grown old, I think, according to my boyish plan. Let the fools rage. I swerved in nought. Something to perfection brought. 'But louder speaks that voice -' Shut up, Voice!