Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Vinik Asset Management is closing

It was only a little while ago that Jeffrey Vinik was singing a redemption song, returning a little bit of money, the odd billion, the strange billion. Now, the whole firm is being shut down. That's the end of Vinik Asset Management, my friend(s). Jeff has had enough. / Why has it come to this? Well, some say investors were spooked because Mr Vinik likes ice hockey. Crazy! I can't really understand that. No! But I can understand that Jeff has had enough. It's something I can relate to, man. I'm sure you can too, dear reader(s). If you're at work at the moment, in your bank, or hedge fund, aren't you feeling pissed off? Come on, admit it. What's it all about, eh? Were you born for this? I don't think so. Your square colleagues (who don't read this blog) were born for it. (I mean, look at them. Christ!) But not you, my friend(s). You're special.

Obviously, I'm not saying you should buy an ice hockey team. That would be ridiculous. But there must be something you can do. / You could get a guitar, I suppose. Or a keyboard. I don't know. You don't have to copy me, man. Use your imagination. There's more to life than ice hockey and pop music.

Snooker? Do you like snooker? Are you any good? My highest break is forty-two. / I was watching the snooker this weekend/bank holiday. I didn't feel like finishing that lyric. So ... / So, maybe today. Or maybe tomorrow. I need inspiration, man. Or will, or enthusiasm. Er, something else that can't be put into words. / I'm like Ronnie O’Sullivan. Yeah. I can't control my moods. Sometimes I'm up for it, and sometimes I ain't. / Damien Hirst was there again, supporting Ronnie. It keeps him busy. It must get boring paying people to do all those spot paintings.

Cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch. What a life!