Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Richland Capital Management is shutting its two hedge funds

Based in Hong Kong, this firm. Richland Capital's co-founders Alex Au and Eva Lo have had enough. I don't blame them. There are better things you can do with your life. What amazes me are all the new hedge funds that keep popping up. Where do these people get their enthusiasm from? / No, Alex and Eva are all right with me. I bet they've got a bit put away too.

Enthusiasm. Christ. / What's worse than spending your whole life chasing money? I'll tell you. Spending your whole life writing about other people chasing money. That's the killer. See what it's done to those guys who have been doing it for ten, twenty years. Ha! Warped, sick, insane, fucked up. No thank you. / I'm glad I've got my music, and that I'm making progress with it. Yeah, man. I'm glad I've developed all those conceptual posts as well, especially the non-financial ones. / Five years from now, if I'm still writing posts like this, about X hedge fund, or Y bank? Fuck it. Just drag me out into the street and put a bullet in my head. It'll be a great kindness.


I've got a perforated ear drum, again. Two weeks of it. I don't need this. I don't want to be like Brian Wilson.

Same old shit for lunch, but I like it. I'm stuck in my ways, a-ROUND and a-ROUND. There'll be another one later, No. 117.

See you later, crocodile.