Thursday, 23 May 2013

Occitan Capital Partners is shutting down

Yes, another hedge fund has had enough. I haven't even heard of Occitan Capital Partners. 'You have now.' Yes, I have now. / I think it has returned most of its investors' money. It'll be gone in a couple of months. Imagine being an investor! You give your money to some hedgies, saying: "Invest this money for me, hedgies. Make me rich, or even richer." And they return it a year or so later: "Sorry, mate, no can do." It must be very frustrating. I'm glad I'm not mixed up in any of it. Finance is increasingly becoming a mug's game.

It's amazing that I even found this Occitan story. I can hardly get on the internet these days because of that dongle shit. Why am I paying those creeps fifteen or twenty pounds a month? What service do they provide? It's just a racket. The Feds should investigate.

It was shocking what happened yesterday with the soldier in Woolwich. Unfortunately, it means we've now got to put up with days of lame rhetoric from David Cameron. Why doesn't he take a day off? I know he enjoys chillaxing. Can't we arrange for him to do it permanently? I guess we'll have to wait until the next election.

I'll be working on another conceptual after lunch, No. 124. It will have to be another non-financial one because I'm not mucking about with that dongle. (I might touch on money.) Stupid thing to call it, anyway. These companies, eh? They don't have a clue. No one has a clue any more. Just a bunch of amateurs. Everything is broken.

HOLIDAY(!): I'm taking a week off next week. I'll be back on Monday 3rd June, probably. / I'm not going anywhere. I can't really afford to go off to my beloved Cornwall. I'll just be chillaxing at home. / I need a break from blogging. I might even finish that last song I need. Stranger things have happened at sea.