Thursday, 16 May 2013

Matthew Teeple says he's not guilty of insider trading

But the SEC has charged him. I don't know what to believe or who to believe. Maybe I shouldn't get involved. / I'm listening to The Jesus and Mary Chain at the moment. I'd forgotten how good they are/were. Her Way Of Praying is my favourite song of theirs. If there were any justice in this world they would be as big as Oasis. I suppose they don't have the killer classic songs like Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger, and Live Forever. You only need three.

I still need to finish the lyric for You're Lying. / I don't think it's a mistake to spend so long working on just three songs. (Is it two years now? I don't know.) I reject song ideas all the time, man. If I want to earn a decent living as a songwriter, if I want to stand out, the songs have got to be classics. / I haven't decided if I want to write for myself yet. I might be too old to be a (new) recording artist. And I'm not sure I want the lifestyle, leather trousers, Jack Daniel's. Maybe I'll let music business people talk me into it, if they want to ...

My guitar playing has improved. I recorded My Heart four hundred times at Christmas. Every version was pretty crap. Now, when I play the song, it always sounds better than those recordings. It's the Karate Kid thing. Wax on, wax off.

I've got Her Way Of Praying on repeat. Try and find it on YouTube or something. It's fucking awesome!