Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Why has Mike Buhl-Nielsen been promoted at Jupiter?

And who is he, exactly? / No one told me. No one asked for my permission. I guess they think: "Oh, the Master is preoccupied with his music these days. We won't bother him with all this boring financial rubbish." Well, boring rubbish it may be, but when a man I've never heard of gets promoted at a firm which is packed full of financial shamans I want to be involved. / I've been looking at Mr Buhl-Nielsen's LinkedIn profile. There's nothing there! The man barely exists. 'I've found some stuff on him, man.' Lay it on me, Voice. 'Michael joined Jupiter in December 2006 as a European hedge fund analyst, providing analytical and fund management support to Stephen Pearson. But now he's taken over from Stephen, managing the Jupiter Europa fund.' Oh. Anything else? 'He used to work at Centaurus Capital, Credit Suisse, Daiwa Securities, SMBC Europe, and Lehman Brothers.' All at the same time? 'I don't know. I don't think so.' Interesting. Thanks, Voice. 'And he's got a degree in maths.' That's nice.

Well, well, well ... / None of that was mentioned on Mike's LinkedIn profile. I'd be lost without my intern. 'I'm not your intern, Mikey.' Okay, whatever. / So, this Michael is experienced, like Alastair Gunn. It means nothing to me. These guys aren't shamans. They don't have the experience I have. / What's Jupiter playing at? There are so many strangers at the firm, but not my sort of strangers. I mean, they're cold earth wanderers. Some of them have been there for years, keeping a low profile. I only hear of them when they get promoted. I don't like it. / I'll let this one go. Maybe Mike will turn out all right. Maybe they'll train him up. 'But that won't be easy. You've shut down the desert, man.' Yeah. Is it my fault? Are less shamans coming into the game?

I don't give a shit. A year from now I doubt I'll be writing this blog. I won't even be a financial shaman. I've exhausted it. Everyone sensible, like our Tony, is getting out. / The next stage? I'm going to be a rock and roll shaman. 'Like Jim Morrison?!' Yes, just like Jimmy. Leather trousers, Jack Daniel's, the works. It's going to be a blast.

By the way, Stephen Pearson? Top bloke! I love that guy. One of my best friends at Jupiter. / Anyway, lunch. Another conceptual, No. 121.