Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What's this Financial Conduct Authority?!

No one told me. I thought there weren't going to be no more regulators. I thought we were entering a golden age. Why am I always the last one to know? / And who's this Martin Wheatley when he's at home? 'Any relation to Dennis?' What happened to The Dead Shark That Refuses To Believe In Death? 'I'm shocked, Mikey.' So am I, Voice. / What do you make of this? -

We regulate the financial services industry in the UK. Our aim is to protect consumers, ensure our industry remains stable and promote healthy competition between financial services providers. We have rule-making, investigative and enforcement powers that we use to protect and regulate the financial services industry. We are fair and principled in our approach to regulation.

Absolutely outrageous, man. 'It is, man. Why can't they live and let live?' Let's forget about it, Voice. 'FCA? Forget about it, Mikey.' Forget about it.


Looks like a horrible day today. Where's the sun? / I think I might have to stay in and play my guitar. 'And finish that lyric!' Maybe. You never know. I might be inspired. It might just hit me. Words from the cosmos. In minutes, not hours. That's my dream.

The Donnie Brasco book? I was reading about a Ponzi scheme involving investments in pairs of jeans. The things they think of!

Oh, here's a good bit (Sonny Black is picking away at his salad): "You got two choices, Donnie. Either you handle it with Lefty or I'll handle it with Lefty. And if I handle it with Lefty and he gets smart about it, I'll chop his fucking legs off. You tell me what you want to do." / Wow! It really is like banking.