Thursday, 9 May 2013

Louise Keeling has got this RWC Global Horizon fund

Well, she will have it, soon, next month. RWC Partners is launching the Global Horizon fund especially for her. That's nice, isn’t it? No one ever launches funds for me. What am I doing wrong? Never mind. / Louise joined RWC from Marathon Asset Management. / It's amazing, really. People are still joining RWC in spite of its trouble with Mike Corcell. 'Mikey, he's in that cage. It's not a problem. As long as they keep feeding him.' Yes, Voice, but what do they feed him on? 'Shit! I haven't thought of that.' Ha! It doesn't bear thinking about, son. / They were letting him out at night. They don't any more. 'Too many complaints from his victims?' His victims weren't in any position to complain, I'm afraid. / 'But you reckon he should be let out permanently, don't you?' I think Mike might be a changed animal. 'Yeah?' He's not going to ... bite anyone now. 'You don't sound too sure, man.' Well ...

Anyway, let's focus on Louise Keeling. She's probably worried: "What have I got myself into?" There's nothing to worry about, Louise. Cheer up, girl. You're not an analyst, are you? You'll be all right. / And I hope everything goes smoothly with your new fund, the launch and that. I'm sure it will. You're into contrarian investments, aren't you? 'Mikey, she's going to be applying the capital cycle philosophy and putting great weight on management incentive structures.' Well, that's fucking marvellous. I mean, that's the sort of thing I like to see.


Lunch? I've got a luxury egg sandwich, the best money can buy. Crisps, luxury strawberry yoghurt too, and a can of Pepsi. This is the high life!

I've still got that perforated ear drum. It's a bloody nuisance. It messes with my guitar playing, man.