Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bruno Wu is hoping he'll be able to start some new $500 million private equity fund as a part of his BT Capital, I think ...

I don't know what's going on. I have no idea who Mr Wu is. It's still summer, man. I'll take more of an interest in September, probably. / 'Mikey, Bruno is no stranger to media investments.' What? 'He likes to invest in media.' So? 'Well ...' Voice, if you haven't got anything sensible to say, keep it shut, all right? 'Keep what shut?' Your mouth. 'I don't have a mouth. I'm just a voice, man.' Whatever. / Now, this Mr Wu is no stranger to media investments. And he's married to Oprah Winfrey. 'No he isn't!' Yes he is. I've done my research. 'What research?' Do you think I just throw this blog together? 'Yes. Bloody hell! If it wasn't for me -' Do one!

I've lost my train of thought now! / Interns are more trouble than they're worth.

I'm still spinning a-ROUND in Malibu (from last night). I'm not complaining though. It beats reporting the news.

Personal news. / That cubital tunnel syndrome in my hand/elbow is getting better. I mean, I can play the guitar again. I don't know if it's the Bruce Lee mystic yoga shit or the vitamin B6, I'm just glad to be back in business. / I'll have to have my demo ready by the end of September. I can't let it drag on any longer. I've had setbacks, disruptions, loss of inspiration, changing ideas, changing goals. It's been a wild ride, man!

Lunch? I've got a luxury egg sandwich, cheese and onion crisps, peach yoghurt, and a can of Coke. / I'll be working on a conceptual later, No. 145. Big number, eh? It's funny: the more I get a-ROUND, the more I want to get a-ROUND.