Monday, 5 August 2013

What's the Jupiter Second Split trust?

I've just found out about it. And I've found out that Miles Geldard is managing it now. 'No he's not. He will be soon. Gibbs is still hanging around.' Philip Gibbs? 'Yeah. But he's retiring.' Really? / Poor old Philip Gibbs. He never did become a shaman. 'We gave him every opportunity, boss. You can lead a horse to water ...' 

Whatever happened to Jupiter's First Split trust? I can't keep up. I haven't got the enthusiasm. I've got more important things to worry about anyway. Like my fingers.

I think my fingers are getting stronger. Still a bit numb. Guitar playing is getting easier. Some chords are awkward though.

I'm bored. I'm the chairman of the bored. / RBS has a new chief executive. I'm not going to write about him. I can't be bothered. / I always find it difficult on Monday morning ...

Miles Geldard is all right. He survived RWC Partners. 'He still has a few bite marks or scars or whatever on his arms, Mikey.' He's a veteran, Voice. He's seen it all. / He's the one that got away. 'Don't forget Lee Manzi!' I won't forget Lee Manzi.

How could I forget Lee Manzi? / These people are going to haunt me long after this blog is finished. One day, I'll be sitting in my house in Malibu, staring at the sea, and ... I'll think of ... Ariel Bezalel? Oh, I hope not.

Rimbaud tried to forget. I'll try to forget. / Everything will be different in Malibu. It'll be a good life.