Thursday, 15 August 2013

Do you want a career with Aviva Investors?

I'm not judging you. I'm just asking, man. Do you want a career with Aviva Investors? / Well, why should you work for Aviva Investors? Let me tell you. People are their greatest asset. (And you're a goddamn person. They mean you.) They enable their employees to be the best they can be by providing the resources and opportunities needed to be successful. How many other firms do that? Still not impressed? Okay. Listen, son, daughter, as well as the opportunity to work for a successful and growing global asset management company, Aviva Investors also offers employees: competitive benefits packages, a commitment to developing talent and careers, regular aura and chakra workshops with Keith Busby, an established learning and development programme, and a performance driven working environment where employees' talents are recognised. 'Bloody hell, Mikey!!!' I know, Voice. This firm is off the fucking hook! / More details -

Their benefits? Oh, their competitive reward and benefits packages have been choosen (what the fuck is "choosen"?) to help attract, retain, and motivate the best talent.

Learning and development? They encourage employees to develop their effectiveness through their learning and development offering. 'Nice one.' Yeah.

Commitment to your career? You won't believe this. They take a genuine interest in their employees' careers to enable them to reach their full potential. / Much better than those scumbag firms that don't give a shit.

Working environment? They offer a working environment designed by human resources experts to foster engagement, employee significance, and innovation to create results.

Great stuff. / 'What about diversity, Mikey?' Voice, they value, respect, and celebrate the differences that make you who you are. 'Wow! And I'm just a disembodied voice. This is fucking fantastic, man!' Tell me about it.

It goes without saying that Aviva Investors has a clearly defined vision, like me. 'You just said it.' / So, a career with them? I feel tempted myself. How about you, dear reader(s)?