Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Golvis Investment

Golvis Investment? What's that, you're probably wondering. Well, if you give me a minute, I'll bloody well tell you. Be patient.

Er ... hold on. / Okay. Golvis Investment is a new hedge fund that is being set up by some ex-Goldman characters in Singapore. Koji Gotoda and Takayuki Kasama are two of the guys. (According to my records, they got "made" at Goldman at the same time in 2009.) But there are about a dozen others. 'Nine, Mikey.' Whatever. The joint is going to be crawling with Goldman re - 'You're not going to say "rejects", are you?' Would I say that, Voice? 'What were you going to say then?' Listen, everyone knows banks are finished. Maybe even Goldman. I wouldn't be surprised if Lloyd got himself a hedge fund at some point. 'And would he give us a bit of work, boss?' He would give me a bit of work. Who the fuck are you? You're no one. You don't even have a body. 'Lovely. Why do I put up with this abuse?' Piss off, Voice!

Has he gone, dear reader(s)? / Good. Jesus. Maybe one day he'll get the message. 'I know you're talking about me.' I'm writing about you. Go away.

Those vegetable samosas were horrible yesterday. Bland. That's the last time I buy samosas from a supermarket. I'll find an Indian shop next time. / I've got an egg sandwich today. A luxury one. And a luxury yoghurt as well. I can't afford this stuff, but you only live once. My fortunes will change soon.

I'm mentally preparing myself for the lyric-writing session on Friday night. I've got to do it this time. I'm desperate, man. / I watched Backbeat last night. I've seen it loads of times before. I'm in a state of certainty like Lennon was at the end of the film. These new songs of mine are nothing like the ones I wrote when I was a kid.

A conceptual coming up, No. 142. / Laters.