Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wayne Leslie has just left Brevan Howard Asset Management ... and I still don't know who he is!

Who is Wayne Leslie? It's a mystery, man. Don't bother going to his LinkedIn profile. Apparently, he's at Goldman Sachs. BUT HE AIN'T! Goldman is all in the past. / He's supposed to be a credit trader. That doesn't tell us anything. Many men have been credit traders. 'Let's hope he's not a toilet trader, Mikey!' Er, thank you, Voice, for your contribution. No, Mr Leslie hasn't been arrested in the Tottenham Court Road.

Quite a few people have left Brevan Howard recently: Oh, Jason Feasey, Richard Armes, Luke Ding, Dan Mirabella, Milena Todorova ... / There have been losses in the Master fund. Never mind. These things happen to all firms. You have to stay strong.

Wayne will turn up somewhere else, sooner or later. And no one will know who he is. (He doesn't know, I'm sure.) It's a tragic life, but he's probably making good money, so ...


I'm very pleased with the opening four lines of You're Lying. I suppose I could record it myself. I'd like to be like Sinatra. I don't think Vegas is too far from Malibu. 'You hang around, Jack, it may show.' What's that, Voice? 'Sinatra doing Something.' Nice.

I keep listening to Bobby Darin's Mack the Knife. I'm becoming obsessed with that song. Simon Cowell might have been right when he said it was the greatest song ever.


It's a lovely sunny day. We better make the most of it. Only a couple of weeks until winter.

You're not stuck in the office, are you? Dear oh dear. Don't waste your life on work, reader(s).

Why don't you go out at lunchtime and get an ice cream? Go for a walk in the park.

You don't want to be like Wayne. He's sending his CV off and going to interviews. He can't wait to get back to the nonsense. Christ! But if Wayne went and lived in a cave, he might find himself. He might discover who he really is.