Monday, 19 August 2013

I've been out today

I went into central London. I had a look around. I bought some guitar plectrums. I had a Cornish pasty. / On the way back, I walked from Oxford Street all the way to Notting Hill Gate, then I got the Tube home.

I'm pretty sure I haven't missed any exciting financial news. 'Why are you so sure, boss?' Think about it, Voice.

Music. / That Telstar film was cool. I'll probably end up like poor Joe. / I wrote a bit of the lyric for You're Lying over the weekend. It's not finished yet, man. I'm quite pleased with the way it's shaping up though. I'll have another go ... soon. Maybe the long weekend. I reckon it'll be a classic crooner's torch song. 'Who's going to sing it, you, Mikey?' No. Tony Bennett ... maybe. 'Gordon Bennett, more like.' Shut up, you slag.

£3.10 for a fucking pasty. They're taking the piss.

I might watch The Big Lebowski again tonight. / I'll be like that Jackie Treehorn one day. 'What?!' I don't mean running my own porn empire. I mean living in Malibu. 'Oh. Can I come to your parties on the beach?' No, Voice. I'll want to make a fresh start in paradise.

There'll be some news tomorrow ... knowing my luck.