Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Give all your money to David Tepper!

If you had given all your money to David Tepper in 1993, he would be even richer now and you would be living on the fucking street. / No, that can't be right. 'Mikey -' Shut up, Voice. Let me think. I'll start again. / If you had invested all your money in David Tepper's Appaloosa Management in 1993, you wouldn't ... have had any money left to buy a house or go on holiday or anything. The last twenty years of your life would have been pretty miserable. Yes, that's it. / 'Oh, for fuck's sake, boss. If your readers had invested $1 million in Appaloosa in 1993, it would be worth $149 million today.' Oh, great! Who the hell had $1 million back in 1993?! I haven't even got that now, man. 'I don't know. That's just what Tepper has been telling people.' Jesus! The guy is off his rocker. We're not all made of money, like him.

This is what happens when you're a billionaire, dear reader(s). You lose touch with normal life. You forget how normal people live. / I'm disgusted. I'm not going to write about Dave Tepper any more. Life is too short. I've got a conceptual to write, anyway. 'No. 140?' Obviously, Voice.


I'm listening to Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited. / Ian MacDonald reckons Dylan went into permanent decline after his motorcycle crash. He's ignoring Blood on the Tracks and Time Out of Mind of course, but I understand what he means. There wasn't the same ambition, the same development, after 1966. / So, four years, 1963 to 1966.

This blog is holding me back, ain't it? 'Yeah, man.' But once I get a publishing deal I'm hoping I'll be able to start a good fifteen-year run of songwriting. / And I'll work like a three-star chef, like Marco Pierre White in his old kitchen days. That may sound strange, but there's no one in music who works like that. Not even Prince, who couldn't maintain the quality beyond his golden period of 1984 to 1987. Another four years ...

But I still need ONE LYRIC!!!