Thursday, 29 August 2013

Gaius Jones Caesar has joined Ashcourt Rowan as chief executive of its financial planning business

Well, he likes to call himself "Caesar". Delusions of grandeur and all that. It's a shame really because I've heard that Gaius is a very talented chap. 'Not talented enough to update his LinkedIn profile, Mikey.' Give him a chance, Voice. / Ashcourt Rowan is a "somewhere". Remember Jonathan Polin? 'He was nowhere.' Yeah. / Anyway, Mr Polin reckons Gaius will cross the Rubicon. 'What?!' No, I've got that wrong. 'Boss, Jonathan says he has no doubt whatsoever that Gaius will be instrumental in helping their business grow across the UK.' No mention of Pompey? 'No.' Strange. Well, okay. I suppose Mr Polin knows what he's talking about.

Gaius will have to update his LinkedIn nonsense soon. It says he's currently a senior client partner at Towry. Look at this -

Senior adviser working with families, trustees and owner managed firms to design, construct, monitor and maintain tools to manage their financial affairs. Very good at building bridges. Routinely working with outside tax and legal professionals to coordinate and prioritise issues. Handy with the sword. Wide experience in investment, pension and trust work and an interest in effective philanthropy planning. I always try to forgive my enemies: it shows superiority. Considerable experience in designing financial planning policy, training and coaching, and writing guidance documents for adviser use. I've written my memoirs too - commentaries, actually. Board member at Towry since 2009.

Interesting, eh?


Summer's almost gone. Almost. It's sunny though. And I'm stuck indoors. / I'm not even sure I'll be able to go to the pub tomorrow. I want to keep an eye on that gardener. He's knocked down the fence. I presume he's putting a new one up.

I might have another go at that lyric tomorrow night. / There are very few decent lyricists around. So many lyrics are just mood words - if you know what I mean.