Monday, 9 September 2013

Aviva Investors' Colonel Henry Sanders says ...

Well, he probably says lots of things. He's got this new fund, you see, with his mate, Tommy Forsha. 'The Aviva Investors US Equity Income Fund II?' Yeah. / I've written about these two managers before. But I had no idea that Henry was calling himself "Colonel". I've just found that out. 'What a character, eh?' It's actually a tribute to his great-grandfather, the late, great Colonel Harland Sanders, the fried chicken guy. 'It's quite touching, ain't it, Mikey?' Yes, Voice, it is.

Anyway, Henry says: "You don't have to be Einstein to know that the US is the driving force in leading the global economic recovery, and we - that's Tommy and me - expect investor demand for high quality US equity exposure to continue. While we have seen new all-time market rallies, concerns remain about the outlook for the US economy, and which is likely to cause spells of market volatility. Also, we have this secret recipe for frying chicken in a pressure fryer that cooks the chicken much faster than pan frying."

Henry couldn't resist promoting the secret chicken recipe. Dear oh dear. 'It's not actually his recipe though, is it?' No, Voice. / Never mind. I suppose with people calling him "Colonel" all the time he's going to be a bit confused. 'Well, it's his own fault.' Of course it is! These things stick. 'The chicken? The chicken don't stick, boss.' The "Colonel", idiot! He'll live to regret it, I'm sure.