Monday, 16 September 2013

Robots don't have souls

And they'll never have souls. / So, dear reader(s), if you're worried about losing your job to a robot, you better get creative.

Robots will never be properly creative. / They can only pretend. / Yes. / Because they don't have souls. / Of course, a lot of human beings don't have souls. / (They're not sensitive, not truly alive.) / Read Erich Fromm's The Fear of Freedom, if you don't believe me. / However, Fromm didn't believe in souls. / He didn't believe in God. / But that's not the point. / You've got to get creative if you want a future. / Obviously, it'll have to be creative activity that pays, not blogging. / You can still make good money from songwriting, despite the internet. / Adele has SOLD close to thirty million copies of her 21 album. / Don't forget radio, TV, adverts, film, etc. / Traders? I'd trust a human trader more than a fucking robot any day of the week. / We've got to smash these metal motherfuckers into junk.

A million monkeys with laptops couldn't write Kafka, BUT ... maybe Shakespeare. / Ha! / A million robots would be just as useless. / A robot could copy Picasso or Pollock, but no more than that. / The soulless will tell you otherwise. / Oh, my friend(s), fuck the soulless! / A robot could never invent something like conceptual literature. / You have to be MORE than merely creative. / You have to be at the pinnacle!


I wrote three lines of You're Lying earlier. / Getting these words (lyric) is like pulling teeth with a pair of pliers. / It's going to be a great torch song though. / Frank Sinatra once said that By The Time I Get To Phoenix was the greatest torch song ever written. / I'll match it, or even surpass it. / Fuck the robots!

Update Tuesday (12.15pm): Glen Campbell's recording of Phoenix is the definitive version, but I've just found this by Dean Martin. Totally classic!