Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What's this Sterling Ridge Capital Management?

Oh, try and guess, man. You don't have to be a rocket scientist. 'Is it a new hedge fund, Mikey?' Yes, it is, Voice. Well done! 'Is it being run by Stevie Cohen's brother-in-law?' Richard Schimel? Why, yes! You seem to know all about it, son. 'I do.' But it hasn't been launched yet. So it isn't being run by anybody - yet. 'Nitpicking.'

Sterling Ridge will launch ... I don't know, later on in the year, when Richie can be bothered. / It's mid-September. Christ! (Where has the year gone? My demo was supposed to be ready by now.) / Mr Schimel was one of the founders of Diamondback Capital Management. Never mind. That's all in the past. Richie is making a fresh start.


That's enough. Fucking bored already, man. Imagine doing this for a living. 'I thought you were, boss.' Yeah, some living. I'd be better off selling matches at the end of the street.

I'll be working on a conceptual after lunch. (Cheese and tomato sandwich, yoghurt, crisps, Coke. No surprises. Fine by me.) No. 152, about not being a robot. I'm looking forward to it. I like getting a-ROUND. The conceptuals are easy to write. Well, easier than song lyrics, anyway.

It's all right to have a bit of obscurity in the conceptuals, but I want absolute clarity in my lyrics. / Germaine Greer says Bob Dylan can't even write doggerel. Dylan is the greatest lyricist ever - probably, maybe - but I can see what she means. He tries to be mysterious. However, he doesn't have a lot to be mysterious about. (No one does. Although Germaine doesn't agree with that point.) You can be fooled when you're young, but not when you're my age.

And the conceptuals aren't about mystery. They're about getting away from language and meaning with the aim of achieving transcendence. / The faster you go ...