Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fidelity's Sanjeev Shah wants to be a mentor to other fund managers

Yeah, he's fed up with being a fund manager himself. He doesn't want to manage the Fidelity Special Situations fund no more. (I don't blame him.) So he's taking six months off next year - to get his head together - then he'll be back at Fidelity, developing new investment talent. / Obviously, I wish Sanjeev the best of luck, but I'm not sure about this mentoring stuff. How many fund managers have I mentored over the years? It must be hundreds, thousands! I've lost count. I've shown all of them THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN. I still don't have a pot to piss in. 'Mikey, I should imagine Mr Shah has quite a bit of money put away now. He'll be doing this mentoring for love.' Love, Voice?! 'Love of all the new young fund managers trying to make their WAY in the cold world. Come on, boss. Don't you remember how you felt back in 2007?' Oh, 2007 was a long time ago, man. 'Don't you remember the astral desert nights?' I'm trying to forget the astral desert nights. Leave me alone, Voice. I just wanna play my guitar.


After six months of freedom, Sanjeev won't want to go back. A gut feeling, you understand. Mentoring young punks? It's a thankless task. 'You're so bitter, man.' Piss off, you idiot! / Lunch soon. Cheese sandwich and that. I'll be getting a-ROUND after lunch, Fred's head. 'Eh?' Shut up!

I'm listening to Blonde on Blonde. Originally, it was a double album - in the old vinyl days - but you can think of it as a long single album really, fourteen tracks. / Revolver has fourteen tracks as well. However, it's half the length.

That crazy gardener next door has outstayed his welcome. Not that he was ever welcome. / I don't want him listening to my guitar playing, or my singing. I'm sensitive. And I can't shut the window because summer is still hanging around, like an unwanted gardener, whistling now while I'm listening to Visions of Johanna, playing soft. But there's nothing, really nothing, to turn off.