Monday, 2 September 2013

What is Philip Falcone going to do now?

There was a boulder outside my hut, a big grey boulder. It always seemed by its expression to be well-disposed towards me; it was as if it saw me as I came past and knew me again. I used to like making my way past this boulder when I went out in the mornings, and it was as though I left a good friend there who would be waiting when I got back. - Lieutenant Thomas Glahn

Philip Falcone has been banned from the hedge fund industry for five years. 'You've only just found out, have you, Mikey?' Voice, I've been taking it easy this summer. Besides, I don't follow the financial news much these days. What am I, some fucking square, man? 'Fair enough.' / But I'm interested in Falcone. Phil is a shaman, and a veteran. In the old days he could have slipped away into the desert. 'You got rid of the desert. Physical, astral, it's all gone.' I know. Maybe I'll find him a hut somewhere in the forest. He's a friend. I've got to help him. 'A hut in the forest? Like the hero of Knut Hamsun's Pan. Brilliant!' It's the only thing I can think of, Voice. Five years of that and he'll be ready to get back into finance. 'A new man, Mikey?' You never know. Five years of solitude, of meditation, can do strange things to your head.


What a summer, eh? 'And it's still here!' Yeah, it ain't gone away - yet. / I've got deranged blog fans and weird gardeners to deal with, so ... I can't write much more.

I just want my cheese sandwich!