Friday, 6 September 2013

Peter Hargreaves don't want no regulation no more, man

He's sick of it! Yes, Peter Hargreaves - of Hargreaves Lansdown fame - says regulation of the funds industry is evil. Funds just want to be free! Fund managers want to be free!

Mr Hargreaves knows that it's a mad world we're living in. Ian Gorham once posed as a piece of cheese. Pete has seen it all. 'What are you going on about, Mikey?' An old post, Voice, from three years ago. Don't worry about it.

My advice to Pete? Well ... / Put it out of your mind, man! Pick up your guitar and write a few tunes. Sing a sad song. 'Does he play the guitar, boss?' I don't know. Or hang out with your racehorses, Pete. Let it go. Let it all go. The only WAY you're going to get free is to be free in your head, you dig? / Finance is dead. When are people going to start listening to me?


It was a lovely day yesterday. Maybe the last day of summer. I went to the pub down by the river. Then I went to the park. I wasn't thinking about finance. My head was clear.

It's much cooler today, and it's going to rain. And I'm indoors, writing this. After lunch, I'll be working on a conceptual, No. 149. / I don't know why ...

Best not to think too much about "Why?!" I don't know why that gardener is still there, next door. / There are so many mysteries ...