Monday, 30 September 2013

John White has moved over to the dark side of Man Group

Oh, what a shame! / Johnny was a GLG man. (All the financial shamans are at GLG.) But Mr White has given up managing his funds at GLG. He thinks he has a better, bigger job now at GLG's daddy and mummy, Man Group. (All the robots are at Man Group. 'Manny, Mikey?' I don't know what Manny's playing at, Voice.) / Well, it's his funeral. It's sad, but I can't do anything about it.

That's enough finance for a Monday morning, ain't it? (Go to the squares, dear reader(s), if you're not satisfied.) / Other news? The Tories are getting even more deranged. They have no serious plan for fixing the economy/country. They just want to persecute the poor, sick and disabled. 'Well, they're the ones who got us in this mess, Mikey. The Tories should string them up!' Shut it, Voice, you fucking prat! You don't know anything about it. / Christ. I might have to vote Labour at the next election. Yes, Labour are deluded and incompetent, but they're not evil. / I don't know. I probably won't vote at all. Hopefully, I'll be living in Malibu and I'll be well out of it. 'If you don't have a dream, boss, how are you going to have a dream come true?' Exactly. The most sensible thing you've said all morning.

Music? I've nearly finished You're Lying. I've been rewriting a few lines, making them stronger. I might get the bridge finished today. ('Who do you think you are, Julius Caesar?') / I can't sing though. I've still got that chest infection or whatever it is. I hope Iain Duncan Smith doesn't find out. I don't want to end up in a camp.

I've got a nice cheese sandwich for lunch, with red onion. (I know, dear reader(s), that you like to keep up to date with all my eating habits.) And I've got a can of Coke, too. And some crisps. And a strawberry yoghurt.

Anyway, laters ...

Oh, one more thing. A sort of thought of the day, as it were. A lot of these conservatives think of themselves as Christians, but would Jesus have any truck with them if he were alive? Jesus used to hang out with blue-collar guys, fishermen. And prostitutes. And the sick, and the poor. Was he ever seen hobnobbing with Romans, the conservatives of his time? 'It's certainly something to think about, Mikey.' Yes, it is.