Monday, 9 September 2013

Pine River Capital Management has got a hard-on for China

Seriously, man. So much so that it is just about to launch a hedge fund with $150 million which will focus on China. Pine River is calling the fund the Pine River China fund. 'Amazing!' Yes, it is. / 'Strategies, Mikey?' Eh? 'What about the strategies, man? You know, equity long-short, relative-value credit, event driven, convertible bond and quantitative arbitrage.' I ain't interested in that square shit, Voice. Let's concentrate on the basics. I've told my readers enough. If they want to find out more they can piss off somewhere else, like Bloomberg. 'Oh, lovely attitude.' Shut up.

Give me a break, reader(s). It's only Monday morning. It always takes me a day or two to warm up. / It's a good job I'm not one of those sad sons-of-bitches who have to work somewhere like Bloomberg or Reuters and have some arsehole editor on their case every five minutes. 'Arsehole editors, boss? Have you even met such people?' You know I have, son. And I wasn't too impressed.


Oh, sod all this finance for a game of soldiers! / I'm in the mood for music today. After lunch, I'll work on You're Lying. I've got a cheese roll for lunch. I'm going to eat it with some crisps, a yoghurt, and a can of Pepsi. And I'm going to read The Sun, even though I'm getting pissed off with all the attacks on benefits. Most of its readers are working class. Why do they put up with it? God knows. People have committed suicide. That is what needs to be reported.

Update (2.50pm): Changed my mind about the music, my head's all confused and it's raining. This blog is doing my head in, that's the problem I just, it's because and noises outside I can't concentrate I want the summer back please there's no way I can finish my songs when I've got to worry about hedge funds and total bollocks sick of it, really sick