Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Arpad Busson is selling his EIM

Yeah, selling it to Gottex Fund Management for $36 million. American dollars, obviously. (I ain't talking Swiss francs.) 'Bloody hell, Mikey! I had no idea Arpad Busson owned EMI!' EIM. 'What?' EIM, man. It's one of those fund of funds fund things. 'Oh, right. Clever. I see what he's done there. Changing the letters around so that people think he owns (owned) EMI.' He's not trying to fool anyone, Voice. / Anyway, he won't own it for much longer. 'Shame.' He's going to become the chairman of Gottex though. 'That's nice.' Yes, I think so.

Well, well, well ... / Investors don't like funds of fund of funds no more. I don't know why. 'Don't worry about it, boss. No one will ever understand investors. They're irrational.' That's your expert opinion, is it? 'Yes.' Haven't you got presents to buy or anything? 'No.' What are you doing this Christmas? 'I'll probably visit family and friends on the astral plane.' Oh. They're dead, aren't they? 'Most of them. But it doesn't spoil things for me.' You're a funny lad, Voice. 'I know.' Now, clear off. / He's gone.

Arpad was once the seventh most wanted person by Interpol. ('What?!' Go away, Voice!) No, no, no, sorry, I got that wrong. Shit! No, Arpad was once voted the seventh most wanted person at a party in the UK. Christ! Sorry, Arpad, mate, if you're reading this. I wasn't suggesting anything. / Quite an achievement.

I've never met Arpad at a party, myself. We mix in different circles. He's a high society sort of guy. I'm more kooks and misfits.


Music? No surprises. I haven't got a lyric for my new tune yet. But I love the sound of it, man. (A bit like Primal Scream in Rolling Stones mode. You can dance to it.) I reckon it would be a massive hit with the right words.