Monday, 9 December 2013

You can't make money in a vacuum

Don't even try it. / Imagine that a billionaire like John Paulson - as an example, I'm not picking on him - had been placed on a desert island at the age of sixteen with just some coconuts for company: how much would he be worth today, dear reader(s)? / I'll tell you: not one dollar, not one cent. He wouldn't have any money. Even with all his abilities, and his work ethic.

If you want to get rich, my friend(s), you need society. 'What?!' Oh yes. You can't become rich through your own efforts alone. And if you become rich, you owe society.


End of sermon. / Music? Man, I've decided that there's no point in writing any new songs at the moment because it's just not the best use of my time if I can't play and record them properly afterwards. So, I'm going to concentrate on improving my guitar playing and performing until I'm up to the standard I need to be - no matter how long it takes. You're Lying and My Heart are great songs. But I've got to prove that they are with a decent demo./ Right now, I sound like this, which isn't good enough. Compare Dylan's live version to the brilliant, flawless studio version.

I'm still waiting for Christmas. I've got the tree up. It looks lovely. I'll be taking a week off. I need a rest. / I'll probably go to the pub down by the river a couple of times, enjoy myself, like. I won't be touching their pigs in blankets though. They can stick them where the sun don't shine! Even if I wasn't a vegetarian I wouldn't be interested. Madness! A whole pig wrapped up in a blanket!