Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Who the hell is Maarten Slendebroek?!

Unbelievable! 'Eh?' I, I mean ... / This is beyond a joke! - (!) / Eddie don't wanna be no chief executive no more! 'What?! Who?! What's going on, boss?' Edward Bonham Carter is calling it a day, son. He, he don't wanna be the boss of Jupiter no more! 'Are you serious?' Just gonna be some half-arsed vice chairman now. 'Ha! / And Maarten Slendebroek?' Maarten? (Martin, let's be honest.) This Maarten, Voice, is the distribution and strategy director at Jupiter - or so I've been told. 'So?' But, but ... he reckons he's chief executive material! 'What?! Oh my God!' Yeah. I ... / And they've actually made him chief executive! To, to take over from Eddie, from next March. 'Christ! What?! Who is he, this, this Marty?' I don't know. I've never heard of him. Well, until today. 'I thought you knew everyone at Jupiter.' I don't know anyone any more. 'But I thought they were your friends, Mikey!' Obviously not. I, I ... ain't got no friends, it seems. 'They should have asked for your permission before going ahead with this nonsense.' Maybe. Well, it's because I've taken my eye off the ball, I suppose. I've been too into my music, ain't I? 'Yeah. / You've got to punish them though. Let Jupiter know you're still a force to be reckoned with.' I ain't got the energy, man. I can't remember most of my old curses, anyway ... / I probably have them written down someplace ... / 'Forget curses, man. Get your razor out! Fuck it! Let the blood flow!' No, man, no. I can't ... it's a different world now. I - and I don't give a shit! 'No?' Next year, I'll be moving up to the status of a rock and roll shaman. 'Like Jim Morrison?' Just like Jimmy, Voice! I'll be leaving all this behind, God willing.


O God, take me away from all this! I've suffered enough. 'You should speak to the devil. Robert Johnson did.' / I'm listening to Blind Willie McTell on repeat. It's one of Bob Dylan's best songs (the melody is based on an old folk song), and definitely his best recording of a song. He's on piano, and Mark Knopfler is on guitar.