Thursday, 5 December 2013

More Hong Kong action - with Kang Hao and Jimmy Weng!

Oh, I couldn't post yesterday, dear reader(s), because I was in Poole in Dorset. Tuesday lunchtime I was fed up, man. I said to myself, "I've gotta get out of this town." So I stuck a pin in a map and ended up in Poole by nightfall. It was all right. I mean, it doesn't compare with Cornwall, but it's an okay sort of place. Anyway, I had a look around and then came back yesterday afternoon. / But down to business. Do you know Kang Hao and Jimmy Weng at all? Kang and Jimmy are two Hong Kong cats who have set up their own hedge fund, no surprises, Genesis Capital Investment. (I'm listening to Oliver! There was a good documentary on TV last night about Lionel Bart.) They want to get their hands on one hundred million American dollars, and they're just crazy about China, positively nuts! / Kang and Jimmy were traders at ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management. (David Cameron is ordering British kids to speak Mandarin, by the way. They have no choice, apparently. My view? I think it's fine - if they want to do it. But they shouldn't do it because some short-tempered, red-faced stranger of a man tells them to. Cameron has no business telling anyone anything. / We don't know him, personally. None of us. Think about it.) Well, I wish the guys all the best. A new hedge fund, eh? Will wonders never cease?


Hong Kong? Man, I've been getting a lot of Hong Kong cats coming on lately. I've got to keep them happy. The customer is always right.

No Voice today. Maybe he's still in Poole. Have I given him/it the slip? I can only hope.

A conceptual, later. No. 175. Why not? / Laters ...