Sunday, 15 December 2013

I feel like doing a bit of writing on a Sunday

I'm funny like that sometimes. 'Yeah, you are, Mikey.' Shut up, Voice. / I'm not writing about finance though. 'Music?' Yeah. / It's nearly Christmas. Give me a break, dear reader(s). / Oh, I'm taking Monday off. I'll be back on Tuesday with news of some hedge fund opening or closing, for my sins.

I want to work on a new song tomorrow. 'Oh, what?!' Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to write any new songs for a while, but this just happened, man. I was strumming my guitar the other day and this great tune for a verse came out of nowhere - in seconds! And when I was lying in bed later that night I composed the melody for the chorus in my head. (Which I've never been able to do before, I've always needed an instrument.) / It's the most commercial piece of music I've written so far, and I think I should finish it quickly with a suitable lyric. If it works out, I'll drop My Heart from the demo.

I'm listening to David Bowie. 'Fame!' Yeah. / Just random tracks at the moment. Somebody Up There Likes Me from Young Americans is a cool song. / I still think it's amazing that Bowie had a run of ten great albums in ten years. (Hunky Dory to Scary Monsters, not including the covers album, Pin Ups.) Most artists these days can't sustain a career beyond one or two good albums. It's not the internet's fault. Creativity is creativity, man.

The best two lines Bowie ever wrote? It's not the side effects of the cocaine / I'm thinking that it must be love.

Oh, I'm sure I've mentioned this before: I used to be able to play Life on Mars? on the piano.

I'm listening to Scary Monsters now, the whole album. / Laters ...