Thursday, 19 December 2013

Neil Woodford is joining Oakley Capital for some reason

Strange. Very strange. / I mean ... I don't know what's going on, dear reader(s). 'I thought Neil was starting his own firm, boss?' That's what everyone was saying, Voice, when it was announced he was leaving Invesco Perpetual. 'Has he lost his nerve?' Well, I think he's going to be "using" Oakley Capital to start his own ... er, which doesn't sound all that fair. / It doesn't really make any sense, does it? 'No. / I've never even heard of Oakley Capital.' I haven't, myself. But see if you can dig this, man - Where am I? 'What?' Er, right, here it is ... The Oakley Group is an asset management and shamanic financial advisory business with over $1 billion of assets under management. It is focused on understanding investors' interests and requirements, while retaining the flexibility to move quickly and decisively in response to their needs. 'Means nothing to me, son.' Well, I'm just saying ... quoting, rather. / At least they're into shamanism. 'Yeah.' That's something.

Oh, I'm sure Neil knows what he's doing. Is Neil an idiot? 'Neil ain't an idiot!' He must have a plan then.


Let's forget all about it. It's Christmas! Nearly. / I hope you have a nice time, dear reader(s). Don't eat too many mince pies - or whole pigs wrapped up in blankets. I'm taking next week off. I'll be back ... when I feel like it. / Laters ...