Thursday, 19 December 2013

Who is Eugene Lipovetsky?

Is it Christmas yet? I'm starving. I could eat a whole pig wrapped up in a blanket. 'What?!' Joking, man. / Work, work, work ... / Never mind. 'More work, Mikey!' Yeah. / Er ... Eugene Lipovetsky. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... / Who is he? 'Er, another ...' Well, let me tell you, dear reader(s). Eugene Lipovetsky is an energy analyst who used to work at SAC Capital Advisors. ('For his sins, boss?' I should think so, Voice.) Now, though, things are looking up for our Eugene. 'Good.' He has recently been able to wrangle himself a job at BlueCrest Capital Management. 'Ha! / How did he manage that?!' Christ knows. Guys like Eugene are well-connected, man. 'It's not what you know ...' Exactly. / Anyway, BlueCrest has a hard-on for SAC Capital employees at the moment. 'Really?' Yeah. Literally. ('So, Eugene probably didn't have to do too much wrangling then?' A bit of wrangling, I suppose. I don't know. I just wanted to use that word, wrangle. 'Oh, how absurd!') I've heard that even the cat at SAC's London office has been taken on by BlueCrest. 'Have they got a problem with mice?' No. It's just an obsession they have. They want Stevie's people, and his pets.


That's enough news for now. Too early in the morning. / I'll be doing a conceptual post later, about Mike Corcell. I'm worried about him. ('That fucking cage, man.' I know.) And I'll do a third post, much later. Then I'll be taking a week off. 'Yippee!' Yeah.

Music? 'Any progress, Mikey?' Well, I'm calling my new song Gilly, Gilly. 'Nice.' I've written a couple of these Gilly songs, but they didn't work out. 'No.' However, I'm confident this one will. 'Great!' / I'll drop My Heart from the demo - which will leave me with two fast-paced and catchy pop songs, and one slow crooner's torch song. / Hopefully, I'll be ready January/February. 'Maybe.' / Maybe.