Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ian Morley says we shouldn't hang bankers in public

Well, well ... I don't think anyone is suggesting that we do it in public. I mean ... 'That would be horrible.' / But that's what he says. 'Who?' Hedge fund legend Ian Morley - 'Never heard of him, Mikey' - shut up, let me work, er ... he said it at some alternative investment summit last week. (He's got a dog and two cats, by the way. 'Oh, right.') He reckons politicians are to blame, and maybe they are. 'To blame for what?' The credit crunch. 'That was years ago, man. Get over it already!' People still want to hang the bankers, Voice. / Man, reader(s), I don't know what to think. Yes, the politicians are to blame - and the bankers, too. But the disabled people who are committing suicide now because of benefit cuts, what did they do, eh? And the unemployed being forced into slavery (Workfare)? The wrong people are paying the price. / Our wonderful politicians are living on easy street. Austerity hasn't affected them one bit. All in it together? 'Ha! Who said that?!' Whoever it was can **** my ****, son. 'Oh. / Don’t tempt him, boss.' / And the bankers? They're still getting their bonuses of millions and millions. Is that fair? 'No! But we shouldn't hang them in public, Mikey.' No, of course we shouldn't.


Anyway, that's enough of that. 'Thank God.' Finance? Politics? Life is too short. 'We want music!' / Music? I might have to leave My Heart off the demo. It's proving too difficult to record, and time is running out!!! / I have a pretty good piece of music from last year, with just a title, no lyric. Maybe I could do something with it, quickly. It's very melodic, and easy to play and sing along to. And it has hepcat potential. 'Like Bobby Darin?' Just like Bobby Darin. / Reader(s), check out this video of Darin doing Mack the Knife on TV in 1970. I love this guy! I want to be like him. 'Are you sure, Mikey?' He's cool, Voice.