Monday, 2 December 2013

I'm just waiting for Christmas

Yeah, I've looked around, dear reader(s), but ... I'm afraid there isn't any financial news this morning. Is it going to be like this for the next three weeks? 'And a couple of weeks after Christmas, Mikey.' Christ! How am I going to get through it? 'Just make some shit up, boss.' Oh, I couldn't do that! Make my own news?! That would be crazy. 'You think the squares don't do it?' I don't know, Voice. 'Of course they do. You're so naive. 90 per cent of the financial news is made up.' Wow! Someone should investigate. It sounds like a scandal. 'Scandal? Not really. We're not talking matters of life and death, are we? No one cares about finance, son.' Not even the people working in it? 'No. They just want the money. And then they want to get out as soon as they can and get a life. They don't want to read stories about this fund or that fund, or the bullshit markets. That's why you're so clever, Mikey, writing those conceptual posts of yours. That's where the action is.' Yeah? 'Yeah. It's an escape, man.' / Well, I certainly feel better now. Thanks, Voice!


He's not a bad lad, that Voice, is he? 'It.' Yeah, "it". / You know what, dear reader(s)? I think it's time for the Phil Spector Christmas album!!! / What happened to the Christmas song I was going to write for you a couple of years ago? Oh, maybe next year - if I'm still blogging. / Elton John's Christmas song is my favourite one. Then Carey, Wizzard, Lennon, Love (Spector), Wham, McCartney. I'm not a big fan of the Slade one.