Friday, 6 December 2013

Who is Brian Chiappinelli?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you. You want ... ? / Okay, I'll tell you. Brian Chiappinelli is a cheerful American chap - I've seen his face - who works at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management. He's just been named as a director and North American product specialist for private equity - even though he's been working at Deutsche for a couple of months. (They didn't know how to break the news, I suppose.) / Now, that wasn't too painful, was it? But do you believe? Yeah, I mean, this sort of thing is easy to believe, isn't it? / I could tell you things, though, that you wouldn't believe. I'm saving them for later. I'll be taking a closer look at Brian after lunch in a conceptual post, No. 176. Er ... / Why? Quite simply, I want to strip away the mystery of the man. (There's always mystery with guys like Brian.) / Oh, he used to work at HarbourVest Partners. (They make underwear for fishermen. Bizarre! Why was he working for them?!) And he can speak Japanese, which no doubt comes in handy in the Boston area.


Nelson Mandela has passed away. / David Cameron says he was a "great light" and a hero of our time. Well, I'm glad he can recognize decency, greatness, and heroism. But why doesn't Cameron try to become a "great light", rather than stay as someone who only cares about himself and his millionaire mates? If it's such a good thing to be a "great light", why doesn't he try it for himself? What's stopping him? / He can make a start by sacking Iain Duncan Smith, and getting rid of the Bedroom Tax and Workfare, and leaving disabled people alone.