Thursday, 14 April 2016

Alpstone Capital - ?!

Alpstone Capital. Yeah. What's this? - you're wondering. Well, it's a new macro hedge fund which will be launched later in the year. And it has a name and everything, so it will definitely be launched. 'By who, boss? Who's going to launch it?' Frederic Favre and Alexandre Germak and Melanie Owen are going to launch it. 'Okay. Who are they?' Oh, Christ! They're just some hedgie characters, man, who used to work at BlueCrest Capital Management, that's all. They were partners at BlueCrest. And there's nothing unusual about them or the fund. It's just another hedge fund.

Dear reader(s), I would love to say that there's something strange about these guys, you know? But I can't. I can't say it. Fred and Alex and Mel are just hedgies trying to earn a living. They're not GLG guys, or Jupiter guys. 'We're not talking mystic kooks or shamans then, boss?' No, Voice. They're just people who work in finance, who run hedge funds. There's nothing more I can say about them.

Which is a good thing, actually, because I'm totally knackered and I need a rest. So I'm taking next week off, reader(s). I'll be back, er ... 'The week after next one, Mikey.' Yes, the week after next one. On a Monday probably.


Anything else? There's nothing else. You've had the news about Alpstone Capital. Be satisfied with that.

There is nothing else. I'll see you again on that Monday - with even more news, no doubt. There will be other hedge funds. Some will be opening, some will be closing. It's the way of the world.

Now I must go. I must go and have my rest. I have a vision of a massive beach with little white crests of waves in the distance.