Thursday, 7 April 2016

Marcello Sallusti has got a job at Numen Capital

And it might be his first ever job, I don't know. 'Er ... is that Gary Numan Capital, boss?' No, it's not, Voice. That weirdo has got nothing to do with it. You're thinking of the Are 'Friends' Eclectic fund, run by Mark Hawtin. 'Am I?!' Listen! Let's concentrate on Mr Sallusti. I've been looking at his LinkedIn profile, which I find rather disturbing, man. 'Why?' He's only ever had one job, it seems. 'Really?' Hang on a minute. [One minute passes.] Er, uh ... oh no, I've got it wrong. 'What?' He had only one job. Our Marcello had one job at Egerton Capital. He was the deputy chief investment officer at the firm - a hedge fund, I believe. But he doesn't mention Numen Capital, where he is now - where he'll be managing a new fund, I imagine. So, two jobs! And this Numen Capital? -

Numen Capital LLP, based in London, was established in May 2008 by Filippo Lanza and Kushal Kumar as a credit-focused, absolute return investment manager. The firm’s investment expertise is focused on liquid and super liquid credit markets, with a strong track record in the application of intensive credit analysis to both old and new credit risks.

You see? 'Yeah.' / Well, well ... two jobs since leaving school. 'Did he even have a paper round, boss?' Probably not. It seems Marcello went straight into finance as a deputy chief investment officer. 'Wow! Pretty impressive!' It certainly is. If we can believe it. I mean, I hope Marcello isn't telling us lies. 'He wouldn't do that!' Wouldn't he, Voice? The problem is, you can put anything you like on these LinkedIn profiles.

Well, dear reader(s), let's give Mr Sallusti the benefit of the doubt, yeah? I'm sure he's a decent sort. We hear stories about all the dodgy ones, but I reckon our Marcello is all right.


Anything else? I'm listening to three great songs from 1991, a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, as it were, or ... as it is, actually. One by U2, Losing My Religion by R.E.M., and Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. A good year for music! Imagine something like that happening again, these days. 'Ha!' Exactly.

My music? Well, some good news. I've got a title and a concept for the lyric of my new song. 'Yippee!' That's always a breakthrough moment. The rest of it is only a matter of time now.