Thursday, 28 April 2016

WMA 2016 Investment Conference

Yes, it's the Thursday night PR email, back by popular demand. I've been invited to an investment conference!

The Wealth Management Association (WMA) will be hosting its annual Investment conference, with cutting edge discussion on several keys issues that have been topping the news agenda - including international regulation, geo-political challenges, new investment trends as well as presentations on topics ranging from investing in frontier markets to alternative investments.

It sounds interesting. You know what, dear reader(s)? I think I'll go. 'Er, boss -' Shut up, Voice! 'Boss, it was today!' What?! 'The conference finished half an hour ago.' Oh, that's just great, that is! 'Yeah, read near the end ...'

Liz Field, CEO of the WMA, would like to invite you to the conference which will be held on 28th April, between 12:00am and 19:00pm, at the Cass Business School. The event will be attended by leading industry figures, such as the chief economist of Deutsche Bank UK George Buckley and Kevin Gardener, the global investment strategist at Rothschild. This will be a private and interactive event where you will be able to ask questions to the speakers.

That's just great! Why didn't you tell me, Voice?! 'Oh, I'm your secretary now?' You're my intern, man. 'What are my duties then?' Anything I say!


I'm gutted! Never mind. Maybe next year, eh? / Anything else? No. Laters.