Wednesday, 13 April 2016

It's the Wednesday night PR email!

Back by popular demand! Let's get down to it!

"Our property funds have shown robust returns in the face of new Government taxes and increasing uncertainty on the global stage. It is probably fair to say that the early results for our second fund show it to be one of the best performing global investments over the last 12 months. Diversification and professional expertise have helped to enhance returns to date and the new tax advantages are set to underwrite its future performance" comments Heaton.

'What the hell is this, boss?!' Hang on, Voice. It will all become clear.

"Historically, such vehicles have held the greatest appeal to hands-off foreign investors who like the asset class and can benefit from unique tax exemptions, such as CGT free gains due to the fund's Genuine Diversity of Ownership.  However, with tax benefits now extended to include UK investors, British subscriptions into LCA III have jumped nearly 1/3 since our first fund, launched in 2007" adds Heaton.

'Man, I'm none the wiser.' Be patient!

Heaton concludes: "Despite the some-what negative market outlook being reported, it is now an opportune time to invest for both British and foreign investors while sterling remains weak and the Central London market is slightly quieter in the run up to EU referendum. Given the long term fundamentals for the private rented sector in PCL, I have no doubt that we will soon see prices harden, providing significant upside for the strategic investor. With new tax benefits in place, property fund investors are in an even better position to capitalise on this."

You see? 'No, I don't see. You've screwed it up, Mikey.' Give me a break, man. My readers will understand. My readers are experts. 'Ha! Your readers are a bunch of freaks, let's be honest.' Take that back! 'No.' Take it back! 'No!' You're fired! 'Shut up! You're not Alan Sugar.' Just leave me alone, Voice, please. I'm knackered.