Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Samantha Greenberg and her Margate Capital

Congratulations to Samantha Greenberg for finding a name for her hedge fund. 'What has she called it, boss?' Take a wild guess, Voice. 'Er ... uh, I can't, man.' Christ! She's called it Margate Capital, hasn't she? 'Oh.' I'm sure you and the readers remember this from an old post -

Well, well ... / Our Samantha has just left Paulson & Co. where she was a partner and sector head. There aren't too many women running their own hedge funds, so - 'What's the name of the firm, boss?' It doesn't have a name yet, Voice. 'Oh, I see.' Don't be like that, man. 'When will it be launched?' Christ! Will you give Ms Greenberg a chance?! She only left Paulson & Co. last Friday. These things take time.

'Yes, I remember. But why on earth has Ms Greenberg called it Margate Capital?' Christ! What's wrong with you today, Voice?! Our Samantha called it that because she had a lovely holiday in Margate last year. 'Really?' Yes. / For my American readers (and readers from other places, I suppose) -

Margate is a seaside town in the district of Thanet in Kent, England. It lies 38.1 miles (61.3 km) east-north-east of Maidstone, on the coast along the North Foreland and contains the areas of Cliftonville, Garlinge, Palm Bay and Westbrook. Margate was recorded as "Meregate" in 1264 and as "Margate" in 1299, but the spelling continued to vary into modern times. The name is thought to refer to a pool gate or gap in a cliff where pools of water are found, often allowing swimmers to jump in. The cliffs of the Isle of Thanet are composed of chalk, a fossil-bearing rock.

More here on Wikipedia. Go and have a look, reader(s). It's absolutely fascinating.

Oh, and, er, we have got to congratulate our Samantha for getting $130 million off Cowen Group's Ramius unit in seed money. 'Nice one.' You're telling me! / [Long pause. Voice takes a deep breath.] / 'Do you have any more information about Margate Capital, boss? I mean, maybe Bloomberg can tell us something ...' You're taking the piss, man, but all right. Bloomberg says: Margate Capital does not have any Key Executives recorded. 'Ha, ha, ha!' Yeah, that's their "company overview", believe it or not. Why do we bother, eh?