Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Arjun Menon is at Point72 now!!!

Jesus H. Christ!!! What's going on with this guy?! 'Mr Menon was at SAC Capital Advisors or ... Investors, wasn't he, boss?' Yes, Investors, uh, Advisors, Voice. But he didn't like that firm, so he went to ... er, I thought he was at Highbridge Capital Management, you know? This is from an old post -

Arjun Menon is some crazy cat operating out of Hong Kong with Highbridge Capital Management. He's thirty-two years old, he's a big Asia head - one of the biggest - and he has worked at Highbridge for ages, man. (Oh, ten years. That's a long time in this game.) / I don't know anything else about him. (Queenie will be able to tell you more, if you're really that interested.) However, I can tell you that Arjun is going to be managing a new hedge fund soon, the Pan Asia Multistrategy fund. Highbridge wants to raise $250 million for it - American dollars, obviously. I can only wish them the best of luck.

'Er ... what about SAC, boss?' Well, somehow he ended up in London with SAC, yeah? 'Okay.' But then he went to ... Moore Capital. 'Moore Capital?!' Yes, I think so. But now he's back at, er ... 'SAC Capital Advisors/Investors again? Christ!' No, no, no. It's called Point72 Asset Management now. [Advisors? Investors?] 'Oh. So that's where he is.' Well, he should be there. I don't know. 'What does his LinkedIn profile say?' Ha! Well, that's another joke, Voice. Arjun's profile says he's still at Highbridge. 'Oh God!' Yeah, according to his profile he's never been anywhere near SAC, or Moore, or Point72. Those firms don't even get a mention. The whole thing is a bloody mess!

I can't explain it, dear reader(s). 'Maybe he's a mixed-up kid, boss, just like Louis Villa.' That's possible, I suppose. / Maybe Arjun has dreams of a life beyond finance. I'm not saying he wants to be a ballerina. 'No, of course not.' But there is probably something he wants to do, you dig? 'I'm sure he wants to stretch himself, Mikey. Find out who he really is, and what he's really capable of.' Ha! Well, he's not capable of making a LinkedIn profile in a competent manner, I can tell you that!!!


Ah, let's forget it. I don't even know why I get so worked up about these finance characters. 'It's because you care, Mikey. They're like your children.' Oh ... maybe.