Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Auxo Investment Partners - ?!

All right, all right! Don't get upset, dear reader(s). It's just a new private equity firm, that's all. [Greek goddess?! Whatever.] Over in America. Michigan or something. Apparently, Auxo wants to raise $50 million. 'If wishes were horses ...' Shut up, you idiot! / 'Who's founded it then, boss?' Oh, only Jeff Helminski, Jack Kolodny, and Fred Tedori, man! 'Wow! / Er ... who are they?' I have absolutely no idea, Voice. And that's the problem. I mean, LinkedIn is the problem. 'Why?' Well, unless you sign in now, LinkedIn won't let you look at more than one profile. 'Well, boss, sign in then.' No. I'm not a member any more. And even if I was ... 'What?' It doesn't matter. I was just happy with the way things were. 'Times change, man.' Yeah.

Anyway, dear reader(s), this means we have to rely on ... Bloomberg. 'Oh shit!' Exactly. This is what Bloomberg says about Jeff Helminski -

This person is connected to 2 Board Members in 2 different organizations across 2 different industries.

'Brilliant!' Ha! / And this is what Bloomberg says about Jack Kolodny -

This person is connected to 1 Board Members in 1 different organizations across 1 different industries.

'That's just great, ain't it?' Yeah. 'Okay. And what does Bloomberg say about the other guy?' What other guy? 'Fred Tedori.' It doesn't say anything about him. 'Oh dear. Mikey, come on!' It's not my fault, man. I guess some finance guys are popular and some ain't. There's nothing I can do about it.

By the way, dear reader(s), Mr Helminski and Mr Kolodny were executives at Blackford Capital. That's where they met and ... 'Fell in love?' No! WTF?! [Well, maybe ... it doesn't bother me, you know?] Became friends, Voice. And started planning their escape, no doubt. Jesus! 'And what about Mr Tedori?' Christ! No one knows anything about him, so leave it.


That's enough finance, surely? For a cold and foggy Tuesday morning in winter. What else? Anything else?

Music? I'm listening to Billy Idol, his best stuff. There's no harm in it. White Wedding is still really cool. / Guitar? My Yamaha FS50BT strings are still sounding pretty good after about 130/140 hours. [I'll have to put on a new set soon for recording.] The D'Addario and Martin strings I was using before went bad after forty hours. 'They weren't top of the range ones though, Mikey.' I know, I know. I'm just saying.