Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Robin Stoakley is stepping down

Well, well ... / 'Stepping down, boss?' Yes. 'Oh dear.' It's not a bad thing, Voice. Our Robin was the managing director of UK intermediary business at Schroders, but all good things must come to an end. 'Well, it'll soon be winter. I'm sure he'll be able to get a new job shovelling snow.' What?! Don't be ridiculous! He's going to be doing something else within the business. 'Like what?' Like anything, man. He's been at Schroders for twenty-seven years. 'Wow!' Yeah. Robin can have his pick of all the top jobs. Or he might just carve out a new position for himself. 'Maybe he'll be put in charge of the Aviva Investors mob. He could get them to actually manage their funds, for once.' Ha! Be serious, Voice. Please. Come on. It would be easier herding cats. 'I suppose.' The Aviva freaks, they're rebels, son. Ain't no one ever gonna tame them. They're operating outside "square" finance. They're building the future. They're visionaries. 'Yeah? I thought they were a bunch of wasters getting drunk in Wetherspoons.' Ha! I'm sure they've got plans. 'Really?!' No, not really.

Ah, this is Bloomberg on our Robin: This person is connected to 6 board members in 1 different organizations across 1 different industries. / Six board members! 'Impressive!' Tell me about it!

Robin, mate, if you're reading this, you're doing great. Keep on rockin' in the free world!


Anything else, dear reader(s)? Music? I'm listening to Is This It. The debut album from The Strokes. Real rockin'. It's good, and I like it. However, I think the band is absurdly overrated. Especially by the NME. They reckon that Last Nite is the fifth greatest song ever. 'Ha!' Yeah, before any Beatles, Dylan, Stones, or Bowie song. / Obviously, musical taste is subjective, but some people really like to take the piss.

My music? I don't do updates no more, man. 'Oh, please, Mikey. Go on.' Oh, all right. Just for you, Voice, because you're such a big fan and all. Well ... I'm just rehearsing. 'Oh.' I ain't got nothing else to say. My new songs are on a much higher level, and I want my performances to be on a higher level, too. / Also, I'm a bit nervous about recording again. I like to put it off. It's like going to the dentist.

What else? Er ... nothing else. Laters, reader(s). Bye!